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Kamadudha Rasa - Gastritis, hyperacidity disorders

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Kamadudha Rasa

Kamadudha Rasa (with Mouktika) which is a classical ayurvedic medicine, helps in treating a range of pitta imbalance disorders like gastritis, hyperacidity and other gastric related problems. Apart from the above benefits, Kamadudha Rasa also helps in relieving burning sensation, and helps detoxify blood. 
Although this unique drug is in common use in the northern part of India, it is equally popular in other regions as well.

Ingredients: Mukta Pisti (Powder of pearl triturated with Rose water)

                     Pravala Pisti (Powder of Coral triturated with Rose water)

                     Kapardika Bhasma ( Calcined Cowrie)

                     Mukta sukti Bhasma (Calcined Oyster Shell)

                     Sanka Bhasma (Calcined Conch Shell)

                     Shudha Suvarna Gairika (Purified Red Ochre)

                     Guduchi Satva (Starch extract of Tonospora Cordifolia)


Net Content: 25 tablets


Price: Rs 165