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Pav Bhaji Masala

Rs. 58
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Pav Bhaji Masala:


Sri Sri Products’Pav Bhaji Masalais the ultimate melange of spices that gives a mouth watering taste and amazing fragrance to your Bhaji. Add this masala to your bhaji togive the gravy a reddish hue and renders a delicious, gustatory flavour.


Net Weight: 100g

MRP: Rs. 58/-


Ingredients:Coriander, Chilli Powder,Cumin, Cinnamon, DriedMango Powder, Black Pepper, Clove, FennelSeed, Big Cardamom,Turmeric, Mace, Mint, Bayleaf, Dry Ginger, Anistar, Salt, Triphala.


Nutritional Information:

Calories - 377.40 K Cal

Total Fat - 11 g

Saturated Fat - 5g

Trans Fat - 0g

Cholesterol - 0mg

Sodium - 1002mg

Total Carbohydrate - 57.30g

Sugar - 0g

Protein -12.30g

Vitamin A - 110.80mcg

Vitamin C - 6.90mg

Calcium - 499mg

Iron - 11.20 mg