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Garam Masala

Rs. 70
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Garam Masala:


Sri Sri Products’Garam Masala is an exclusive blend of various spices and has a characteristic smell and aroma. A little amount of this spice works magic with simple curries, gravies, etc and brings an exquisite taste to a plethora of cuisines.


Net Weight: 100 gm

MRP: Rs. 70/-.

Ingredients: Coriander, Cumin, ChillyPowder, Cinnamon,Anistar, Clove, BlackPepper, Bishop’s Weed,Ginger, Fenugreek, PoppySeed, Nutmeg, Mace, Salt,Sesame, Bay Leaf, BlackCardamom, Dried MangoPowder, Cardamom,Cinnamon Buds, BlackStone Flower.


Nutritional Information:

Per 100 g Approximate

Calories- 379.7 K Cal

Total Fat- 10.9 g

Saturated Fat- 0.10g

Trans Fat-0.0g


Sodium-2148.45 mg

Total Carbohydrate-57.4 g


Protein-13.0 g

Vitamin A-5.2 mcg

Vitamin C- 0.0 mg

Calcium – 968.91 mg

Iron – 4.8 mg