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Sri Sri Ayurveda brings you an excellent all round Immunity builder by way of a novel product ~ SHAKTI Drops.

The herbs used in SHAKTI Drops help in building all round immunity, act as a rejuvenator and build strength.

The Herbs Used in SHAKTI Drops have many benefits as per Ayurveda. 

  1. Amla: antioxidant, antiaging, rejuvenator
  2. Ashwagandha: strengthening, nourishing
  3. Bringaraj: improves digestion, liver tonic
  4. Brahmi: stress reliever, immunity builder
  5. Amruth: antacid, antiaging, rejuvenator
  6. Shankapushpi: tridosha balancer, memory sharpener
  7. Satavari: maintains hormonal balance, nourishing
  8. Yashtimadhu: tridosha balancer, enhances antibody production

Key Ingredients: This unique and easy to use product contains Pure Water Extracts of 8 invaluable Ingredients ~ Amla, Ashwagandha, Bringaraj, Brahmi, Amruth, Shankapushpi, Satavari & Yashtimadhu.

SHAKTI uses only the best of Herbs which are 100% Certified ORGANIC.

Suggested Use: Just add 5 to 6 drops from the easy to use dropper bottle, mixed with a small cup (150ml) of water and drink twice a day or as directed by physician. 

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