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Healthy Family Combo Pack

Rs. 549
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Combo Pack 

Sri Sri Products brings to you quality products made with special care and hygiene. This specially designed combo pack has been put together to ensure you dont miss out on your favorite products. You can gift your loved ones on special ocassions.

This combo pack contains Sri Sri Ayurveda Products Sudanta Tooth paste, Cow's Pure Ghee, Honey, Ojasvita- Chocolate, Shakti Drops and Almond and Honey Soap.


Contents of the pack: Sudanta Toothpaste- 100g 

                      Cow's Pure Ghee- 500ml

                      Ojasvita Chocolate- 200g

                      Shakti Drops- 10ml

                      Almond Honey Soap - 100g


Price: Rs 549